A ONE PLACE STUDY OF THEPARISH OF ARDCHATTAN [Glen Creran, Barcaldine, Benderloch, Connel, Bonawe, Glen Etive] by Oban NORTH ARGYLL
An exploration into the natural and social history of the area
[we would very much welcome anyone else's input into this project - its very much the start of a work in progress and is for everyone to share]

The 1700's

- when records really start and the area begins to develop in a form we recognise now
  • Where were people living?
  • How did they live?
  • What were their houses like?
  • What food did they eat?
  • What clothes did they wear?
  • What language did they speak?
  • Where and with whom did they trade?
  • Where and with whom did they fight?
  • Where and how did they travel?
  • Where did they worship?
  • Where were they buried?
  • What major events were there?
  • What were their customs and superstitions?
  • What were their trades and professions?
  • How was their health and what were their medicines
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Every little bit of help is welcome. The more people there are involved the sooner we get some of the magic of this great parish captured and shared.
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